Fix Bellsouth.Net Email Not Working

Bellsouth emails have become one of the most popular and commonly used email accounts that allow its users to send and receive emails quickly. It also provides excellent wireless, internet, and phone services in all of North American and 18 other countries. Like any other well-known email service provider, Bellsouth also encounters different issues like Bellsouth email not working, blocking email, or email down. 

These issues might occur due to a variety of reasons including poor internet connectivity, incorrect server settings, wrong username or password, or a technical glitch in your device. Hence, it might become challenging for users to access their Bellsouth email accounts in such cases. To help you resolve these problems in no time, here are several methods which will help you in Bellsouth email recovery. 

How To Resolve Email Issues? 

If you cannot access email, it might be due to the following reasons – 

  1. If your device is not updated recently, the outdated version might be causing trouble for you to log in to your Bellsouth account. 
  2. Always ensure that the email ID and password you are entering are correct. Make sure that the Caps lock and Num lock key are off while entering the password.
  3. It is necessary to have a strong and stable internet connection when you are trying to log in.
  4. Clear the clutter of your browsing history, cached data, and cookies installed in your web browser.
  5. Scan your device to verify the presence of any virus or Trojan that might be causing login issues with your Bellsouth account. 
  6. If the customer is using the email app to log in to their Bellsouth account, they should ensure that the application has been updated to the latest version. 

Once you know the cause of an issue, it is easier to resolve the problem. Given below is a list of options that will explain to you how to retrieve email by easily logging into the account. 

  1. Check the server settings for your Bellsouth email account. If you are facing the ‘Bellsouth email not loading’ error, it is most likely caused by server problems. 

Ensure that your server settings for the POP3 server are as follows – 

  • Incoming mail server name –
  • Incoming mail server port – 995 
  • Encryption security – SSL
  • Outgoing mail server name –
  • Outgoing mail server port – 465

For the IMAP server, the settings should be as follows – 

  • Incoming mail server name –
  • Incoming mail server port – 993
  • Encryption security – SSL
  • Outgoing mail server name –
  • Outgoing mail server port – 587
  1. Turn off any security programs installed. In case you have a firewall installed in your system, it might interrupt you from gaining access to your Bellsouth account.
  2. If you do not remember your user ID or password, you can try to recover it by clicking on the ‘Forgot Password’ option given towards the bottom of the sign-in page. 
  3. In case you are facing issues in sending or receiving emails to a particular user, check your block list to make sure you haven’t blocked them unknowingly. Also, check your spam folders every once in a while.
  4. Check the internet connectivity and keep your device closer to the Wi-Fi signal to ensure a strong network connection. 

Bellsouth Email Not Working On Iphone?

If you are trying to access your Bellsouth email account on iPhone and are unable to do so, follow these simple steps –

  1. Go to the settings of your iPhone.
  2. From the list of settings, go to the ‘Mail’ option.
  3. Once you open the mail menu, select the option that says ‘Accounts’.
  4. Here, you shall select the email address registered to your Bellsouth account given right next to the email account option.
  5. In the account information, you can see and validate the server settings. Carefully check the incoming and outgoing server settings and change them if needed.
  6. Save the changes and you will fix the Bellsouth email login issue in your iPhone.